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Within Canada

Customers pay shipping charges for receiving and returning instruments. Unless instructed otherwise, I will usually ship via UPS and will always ask for a signature. I don’t add extra insurance when I ship because I pack instruments really well. I expect you to do the same. Also, I always provide a tracking # and expect you to do the same.


Please don’t return an instrument over a weekend. I prefer that my instruments don’t sit in a cold warehouse in the winter months. That’s just asking for trouble. 


You have a week from the day you receive it in which to try out the instrument. If an instrument cracks while on trial it will be your responsibility to cover the expenses incurred to repair the crack. If you need more than a week to decide about an instrument, you have to let me know as soon as possible. Often there are other people waiting to try the same instrument and it is simply a question of good manners to let me know if you need extra time.


Outside of Canada


The best way to try my instruments is to come to Canada and try them at my house. I have many oboes and there’s no telling what gems you might find.  Many people have made the trip. You’ll find that it’s quite simple. If you’re considering the trip, let me know and I’ll happily advise you.

If the customer is paying in US dollars and I am shipping to the US from Canada, I will pay shipping charges and the customer will pay customs and brokerage. I will discuss with the customer how to fill out the appropriate paperwork for returning instruments to Canada.


There is no trial period outside of North America. I will ship anywhere in the world, but the instrument must be paid for before I will ship it.


Gouger and Shaper Tip Trial


I do not ship gougers or shaper tips for trial. I will, however, gouge 5 pieces of cane on a gouger that you’d like to try and ship that to you, or shape 5 pieces of cane on a shaper that you’d like to try and ship that to you. A charge of $10 will apply for this service.

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